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Most homes in Sittingbourne have storied histories. Tearing down a wall or adding floor space for a house extension, particularly on a listed building, requires planning permission and other authorisation from the local council. If you are having problems extending out, consider making additional living space by building down.

Basement conversions are increasingly popular. Unlike loft conversions, this option is not limited by the height and angle of the roof. The cost of excavation and drainage redirection, in most cases, is less expensive than converting a loft.

Find out how our contractors can help you uncover new living opportunities at your home in Sittingbourne with basement living space.

Basement Construction

Basement conversions don’t have the same spatial limitations as lofts. By building underneath, you can extend the room to span the entire space beneath your home and garden. Instead of having one room, you can build a studio apartment to rent out and maximise returns on your investment.

Planning and Design

Basement conversions have fewer building permission obstacles compared to other extensions. But proper planning is required to ensure the safety and success of the build. Our experienced surveyors assess your home and the intended project location. They will identify any structural problems that need remedying before the conversion takes place.

Interior Design

If you already have a basement, Kent County Basement can convert the space into something other than a room for additional storage. Our interior designers can help you transform the space into somewhere more liveable. With the right concept, your basement will become a habitable room that frees up space in other areas of the house.

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Consider improving your home by exploiting the space below. Discover a world of possibilities by building down instead of up. Let Kent County Basements help you with expert solutions to convert your basement into liveable space.