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looking to add entertaining or living space to your home but don’t have any more interior space? Consider the space beneath your feet — the basement. With the right construction plans and interior design, you can turn it into a family room, home gym, play area, guestroom or any room you can imagine.

At Kent County Basements, we specialise in basement conversion projects. We’re one of the leading basement contractors in Sevenoaks. We take pride in our depth of knowledge and years of experience transforming the coldest and, perhaps, dampest space in a home into dry, warm and beautiful rooms.

Begin with Careful Planning and Design

One of the crucial steps to any basement conversion project is to find out how low you can go. Georgian and Victorian homes often have spacious lower ground floors that can give your project a head start. Some modern houses, however, have been built on a type of foundation that may restrict further digging.

We have a team of experienced surveyors who will help find out how low you can go. Our team will also assess your property, whether it can accommodate the construction work needed to realise your vision. From there, we will begin designing the space with your vision and any construction roadblock in mind.

Make Sure the Basement is Dry

Structural dampness is one of the major challenges in converting a basement into a habitable room. We provide damp proofing and basement tanking services to address that issue. Our team also covers plastering and rendering work that is needed to boost the insulation of your basement. 

Finish with Impressive Interior Design

Complete your basement transformation with furniture pieces, décor, appliances and other design elements that suit your overall vision for the space. We have a team of interior designers who will help you decide on every element, giving your basement that complete look without emptying your pockets.

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Over the years, we have built a good reputation because of our attention to detail and craftsmanship. Leave your basement conversion project in Sevenoaks to the hands of our expert basement builders.  

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