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Extending living space in your home doesn’t need to be costly and stressful, but more homeowners are seeing the incredible value in overhauling their dark and damp basements into the very expansions they’ve been dreaming about.

While it’s easy to find info on getting started on cellar-conversion projects, it’s a lot more important to find reliable and trustworthy basement contractors in Gillingham because trust us, converting such spaces aren’t exactly weekend DIY jobs.

The Value in Basement Conversions

Turning your barely-used basement into a brand-new home office, an additional bedroom, a kitchen, or whatever else strikes your fancy is an excellent way of maximising your home space. Aside from the added utility of these converted basements, the aesthetic appeal alone of a well-constructed room breathes fresh life into any house.

Conversion projects are also a sensible alternative to moving to a new place just to have the added space. If you do eventually decide to move to a new home, the converted space adds substantial value to your current home.

Get the Job Done by a Professional

Kent County Basements specialise in constructing and re-purposing basements for homes and commercial establishments, with countless satisfied clients on our record. We are the go-to basement contractors in Gillingham with years of experience and knowledge in the design and construction industry.

Every conversion job we undertake entails the high-quality craftsmanship, reliability, transparency, and professionalism our company is known for. We’ll handle everything from planning structural adjustments to selecting materials, and all the way to fitting out the interiors — all in accordance to your particular specifications.

If you’d like to get started on your basement conversion project, feel free to give us a call so we can provide recommendations right away.