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Urban dwellers certainly enjoy plenty of conveniences in their choice of residence — most commercial establishments are generally a stone’s throw away from the doorstep, easy access to mass transport pretty much negates the need for a private vehicle, and socialisation opportunities are as diverse as one can imagine.

One glaring downside, however, might be the limited living space. Urban communities are all about making the most of every inch of space, and it applies to homes without exception.

If you’re a home-owner agonising over all the missed opportunities of a rather cramped house, basement contractors in Faversham have just the right solution.

We Convert Existing Spaces to Serve Specific Needs

Basements have tremendous potential to provide additional functionality to your home. Conversion projects can turn any basement into anything you fancy, be it a home office, an additional bedroom, a screening room, a wine cellar – the choice is yours!

Once you’ve decided on the design or purpose of your conversion project, it’s time to call professionals to execute your vision. Kent County Basements is your best choice for a hassle-free and satisfactory process.

We’ll Construct your Dream Design

Kent County Basements have years of expertise in basement construction and all the additional work that comes with such projects. We’ve transformed numerous unused cellars into kitchens, bedrooms, home offices, children’s playrooms, etc. We always strive to meet if not exceed our clients’ expectations, which makes us the go-to basement contractors in Faversham and other areas around Kent.

Our specialists are also well-versed in interior design and management, lending our services a comprehensive scope no matter the challenge a project presents. We make sure to take clients through every important step of the job so they stay informed of our progress up till completion.

Feel free to call us today so we can discuss the basic requirements to get your basement project started as soon as possible.