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Unearth a world of possibilities

Home expansions are not limited to the space above ground. Creating more liveable space can be achieved with a basement conversion. This option is ideal for homes in the Dartford area where many properties were built with cellars.

Unearth the possibilities under your house with Kent County Basements. Our basement contractors are experienced in transforming the space below-ground into a beautiful extension of your home.

Interior Design

Kent County Basements’ expertise in design and implementation will optimize the use of basement space to match your ideas. Whether your basement is new or existed when you bought the house, our design experts can transform it into any room you want. Traditionally used for storage space, we can convert the area into a study, hobby room, spare bedroom and bathroom, kitchen, home entertainment theatre and more.

Planning and Design

The success of your conversion requires the designers to consider the ground conditions. Structural surveyors will assess the structural soundness of the building, identify potential design and implementation issues and determine the project’s feasibility.

Basement Construction

Our team of construction specialists knows the building regulations and local authority building requirements to manage the successful completion of your basement conversion. The teams are experienced in all stages of the construction process, from set-up and waterproofing to carpentry, plumbing and electrical, plastering and painting. Kent County Basements provides a full range of services to deliver quality.

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Entrust your basement conversion to seasoned professionals. Kent County Basements takes a collaborative approach to every project. We keep you in the loop to ensure your needs are met every step of the way. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen can turn your dream basement into a reality.