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The basement is typically the most overlooked part of the house and is often dismissed when discussion turns to ways to add lifestyle and market value. Perhaps you are a Crayford homeowner trying to determine how to accommodate the needs of your growing family. Or perhaps you are searching for a capital improvement that will add substantial market value to your home. In either case, it’s time to recognise the value of your basement and call Kent Basement Contractors in Crayford.

It Starts With Careful Planning and Design

The typical basement is cold and damp and this environment creates unique challenges for the contractor. Before work can begin, a careful feasibility assessment of the space must be made. Once complete, we share the results with you and discuss any impediments that will need to be addressed.

If the assessment reveals the need for damp-proofing, we will take you through all aspects of the process so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed. Once the space is properly secured, we begin the process of planning and designing the conversion with your specific wishes and guidance driving our efforts.

Premium Interior Design

Once the space is complete, it must be brought to life. The Kent County Basements interior design team work closely with you to ensure that the finished basement reflects your vision for the space, as well as your tastes and aspirations. It’s during this part of the process that homeowners begin to appreciate the potential that has always been there in the space, waiting to be released.

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To determine if your basement is a good candidate for conversion, and to learn more about the process, contact Kent County Basement Contractors, Crayford on 01634 780890. Or use the contact form on our website. The initial consultation is always free.