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Homeowners who live in properties with basements often neglect their below grade space, using it to store old family junk and paperwork they will never need again. However, with the help of an experienced basement contractor such as ourselves, you could turn your cold, dark and dusty underground space into an extra living room, a secluded entertainment area or any other type of space that you would really like to have in your home.


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The Key to a Successful Basement Conversion

There are many ingredients that, when combined, will ensure a successful basement conversion but as experienced basement contractors in Canterbury, we can tell you that without first-class damp proofing, everything else is irrelevant. Fortunately, we are experts at installing damp proofing membranes and other systems so we can assure you that your new living space will be warm and dry once it is finished. We offer a full guarantee for all damp proofing installations we perform, giving you complete peace of mind.


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Adding the finishing touches

Once we have damp proofed your basement, we will render and plaster the walls, carry out any electrical and plumbing work that is required and make sure all construction waste is removed. However, we do not stop there. As full-service basement contractors in Canterbury, we also offer an interior design and decorating service so by the time we have finished, your basement conversion will be ready for you to enjoy.

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High Quality Basement Conversions in Canterbury

Although we are the best basement conversion team operating in Canterbury, we do not use this as justification to charge more than everybody else. In fact, you will find our prices to be very competitive, enabling you to take advantage of our expert services without having to spend an absolute fortune in the process. To find out more about what we have to offer, please call us whenever convenient.

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