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Homeowners, in general, tend to take the basement for granted. To most, it’s simply that space under the living room where they put old furniture and occasionally go to do the laundry. It’s damp and cold, always has a slightly musty odour and is not thought to be of much use.

In fact, people often move because they feel they’ve outgrown their home, even though they have all the space they would need sitting unused beneath their feet. At Kent County Basement Contractors Ashford we specialise in transforming unused basements into vital components of domestic life.

Unmatched Experience and Expertise

The basement is essentially a huge blank canvas. But converting it to usable space takes a certain kind of contractor. At Kent County Basements, our team of basement conversion experts has decades of combined experience and unparalleled expertise.

We bring every bit of this knowledge and experience to bear on every basement conversion we do. And the results speak for themselves. It’s why more Ashford homeowners rely on us than any other basement conversion company.

Planning, Design and Much More

We are one of the only full-service basement conversion companies working in Ashford. We handle every aspect of the project from surveying to design to build-out. We also offer world-class interior design services that ensure you get the most from your new space. 

Bringing everything together under one roof enables us to eliminate the communication errors that often occur between various contractors. It also enables us to reduce costs. We’re then able to pass those savings on to our customers.

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A basement conversion adds more than usable living space to your home. When done right, it produces a handsome ROI and can give your home valuation a significant bump. If you are considering a basement conversion – or need related work such as damp proofing – contact Kent County Basement Contractors Ashford today on 01634 780890.